You can now buy Honor's newest, and possibly last, budget smartphone


If you've been following the story of the Huawei ban you know that, at the moment, new phones from the company (and its sub-brand Honor) don't come with Google apps, which makes them a little less useful than most other phones. In October, Honor announced its last phone to come with Google apps (for the time being), and now you can actually pick it up.

That new phone is the Honor 9X, and it's a decent budget device, albeit with a few weak points (like any other budget device). Along with the release date, we've now got a price for the device – £249.95.

That's a decently cheap price, although it's a little higher than the Honor 8X, which launched for £229. Is that extra price justified in the specs? Check out our review to be sure.

The Honor 9X definitely won't make our list of the best cheap phones – not because it's a bad phone, but because it just squeaks over the £200 cap we've got on phones in that list. Saying that, it's still a decent smartphone, and it will be perfect for certain users.

You can pick up the Honor 9X from a range of retailers, including Argos and Carphone Warehouse, with Amazon and expected to also sell it soon.

We're not sure if we'll ever see an Honor 10X – the Huawei Android ban means the future of the brand is in jeopardy, and the Honor 9X only got Google apps because technically it was released in China before the ban – so if you like Honor phones, this could be your last chance to pick up a new one.

It's possible the Huawei ban will be reversed at some point though, so fingers crossed the whole debacle blows over soon.

Source: TechRadar

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