Xbox Project xCloud Games List


Take your Xbox on-the-go with these Project xCloud titles.

Microsoft soon kicks off its Xbox Project xCloud Preview, granting early access to its game-streaming ambitions. Mobilizing Xbox One titles via a low-latency cloud infrastructure, it’s a full-fledged console experience on mobile. And while the final product is expected to span a broader library of titles, a smaller pool is accessible for free throughout tests. We’ve wrapped up all the Project xCloud games confirmed so far.

Which Xbox games support Project xCloud?

As unveiled in September, Microsoft will kickstart Project xCloud with a preliminary library of four in-house titles. Each title embraces a separate genre with varying moment-to-moment gameplay, delivering a spectrum of remote experiences.

Note: During the Xbox Project xCloud Preview, all listed games are available for free.

Guns ready

Gears 5

Gears 5 raises the stakes with Microsoft’s latest evolution of the brutal shooter. From stunning single-player vistas, competitive-primed multiplayer, and frantic cooperative play, it boasts impressive value for all.

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