Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X: Specs, differences, and should you upgrade?


If you’re an Xbox fan looking to upgrade your old 2013 Xbox One, or even an old-school Xbox 360, there are two main console options for you to consider.

The Xbox One S launched in 2016, with all-new 4K capabilities, including UHD Blu-ray and support for 4K media streaming, including Netflix. At the same event, the Xbox One X was announced, built to power 4K media, Blu-ray, and games, wrapped in the smallest Xbox console ever made.

At face value, the primary differences are price and power. The Xbox One S can be purchased for around $249, whereas the Xbox One X clocks in at $499. The Xbox One S is only slightly more powerful than the Xbox One of 2013, outputting games at around 1080p. The Xbox One X is far, far more powerful, outputting games at full 4K with enhanced textures, visuals, and other effects.

Still, there are many other nuances to consider when examining the differences between the two, and we’ll go through and work out which might be best for you.

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