'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,' and the hidden cost of digital games


After going all-digital on Xbox One since 2014, I learned some important lessons.

Microsoft’s Xbox One remains ever-connected in 2019, with physical games sales on the decline in favor of digital downloads. Xbox Live is now central to the Xbox lineup, and a new iteration of the console lies ahead, doing away with its disc drive for an all-digital experience. Aptly dubbed the “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,” it’s a fresh spin on the existing entry-level device.

Slated for an April reveal, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition could be a risky pitch for Microsoft. Despite the countless advantages of digital, the concept is rightly approached by many with caution. And now, four years since I ditched the discs myself, I learned a lot along the way.

Convenience comes at a cost

Microsoft has demonstrated a heightened focus on its digital offerings this generation, first kickstarted with the Xbox One reveal. While its controversial always-connected policies scaled back its approach to digital licensing prior to launch, online distribution remains core to the Xbox One experience today. And shortly after the debut of pre-loading in 2014, Halo: The Master Chief Collection marked my full shift into the digital Xbox ecosystem.

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