Xbox One Dolby Atmos games list


These are all Xbox One games with Dolby Atmos support and those with plans to adopt it.

Xbox One has adopted a variety of upcoming technologies in recent years, with 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) among the console’s capabilities. While still in early days, its adoption of Dolby Atmos looks to be a promising evolution of its audio capabilities too, shifting away from fixed channels to an object-based setup. By mapping sound to a virtual 3D space, positioning and depth are greatly improved, making for the most immersive audio technology on the market.

Everything you need to know about Dolby Atmos for PC, Xbox One, and media

Xbox One games with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is now supported on Xbox One across a range video and gaming content, delivering the same bonuses to the living room. Although Dolby Atmos can be used with most existing games, those designed specifically for the technology takes full advantage of its capabilities. The current offering may be limited, yet it’s already being embraced by titles from major publishers. We’ve rounded up every game that currently supports Dolby Atmos on Xbox One so far.

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