Xbox in your PC: The Universal Windows Platform is premature, but not evil


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny recently slammed the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) as a nefarious attempt by Microsoft to ensnare PC game developers in an iOS-like app store hell.

In the article, he explicitly requests that gamers oppose UWP, stating in plain terms:

“Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry — including consumers (and gamers in particular).”

Tim Sweeny has since backed down on some of his stronger hyperbole, admitting that he had no proof of Microsoft’s apparent “evil” intentions. Indeed, Microsoft’s own knowledge of UWP is limited, as the sprawling project is barely emerging from infancy. As Windows Central readers will know, UWP’s implications for consumers, developers, and Microsoft are vast, far beyond the PC gaming market where Sweeny’s personal stake lies. Not only are those implications broad in scope, they’re absolutely necessary.

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