Xbox Game Gifting has huge design flaws that Microsoft needs to fix


So, one of Microsoft’s most-requested features, game gifting, is now available to the public in select markets (and for select games), but, sadly, it’s deeply flawed.

Why is it flawed, you might ask? Well friends, it’s because it’s region locked. The games you gift only work in the currency region you purchased the game for, unlike Steam, which allows you to gift games across any region.

It’s great that Microsoft finally delivered one of Xbox UserVoice’s most requested features, but the region locking severely restricts its usefulness. It’s 2017, people have friends online, what gives?

Perhaps there are complex legal issues or other consequences preventing this from becoming a truly good gifting system. For example, you could potentially abuse regional currencies to acquire games for cheaper (although, why this isn’t an issue for Steam, is unclear). In any case, that’s not the biggest problem with this system.

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