Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: A gamepad perfected


Microsoft’s original Xbox Elite Controller had lofty ambitions but collapsed under the weight of some crippling flaws. The Elite Series 2 fixes all that, while piling on extra features. Here’s our review.

The OG Xbox Elite Controller launched a few years ago and won itself a heap of initial praise. Extra paddles on the reverse for additional buttons, trigger locks for more rapid firing activation, and rubberized grips for a more tactile feel. However, in the months and years that followed, many users reported that their Elite controllers were, well, falling apart, which isn’t the ideal scenario if you’re shelling out over $100 for a gamepad.

That’s why we’re encouraged by the work Microsoft has done to improve the overall robustness of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, which not only revises the construction but adds in piles of extra features along the way.

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