Why Dark Souls fans should pay attention to The Surge


Deck13, developers of the game Lords of the Fallen, are taking another swipe at the hardcore action game market with The Surge.

We recently showed you four minutes of gameplay of the Surge, but there wasn’t an awful lot to go on. We had little backstory and only the four-minute trailer to glean information from.

Now, The Surge has a confirmed release date of May 2017, and we have a new trailer:

What we know about The Surge so far

The Surge is set during a time when the Earth is dying. Whether it’s dying in strict planetary terms of “oh no, the molten core of the planet is solidifying and cooling”, or civilization is becoming unsustainable, we’re still not sure. The former isn’t due to happen for another few billion years (which is fine by me!), and the latter is a possibility we’re already on the brink of (at least if you’re a pessimist). Aging populations and illnesses becoming untreatable and replacing the humanly populated workforce with machines is something we’re seeing today. People say games aren’t political!

Deck13 has obviously been thinking long and hard about the potential future of our own civilization, and it created the Surge.

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