Why Cuphead for Xbox's intense difficulty is a good thing


With the recent release of the controversial Xbox title Cuphead, many gamers are debating whether or not it’s a good thing that the game is so difficult. Here’s why games like Cuphead should be celebrated.

After three years of delays, developer Studio MDHR’s highly-anticipated platformer Cuphead launched a little over a month ago to critical acclaim from critics and normal players. However, many people have criticized Cuphead for being too difficult. They feel that making the game highly challenging makes it inaccessible and prevents many players from experiencing all the content the game has to offer.

Cuphead Xbox One review: A work of art — and an acquired taste

Indeed, Cuphead is undoubtedly a challenging game — but that is the point. Just because some people within the gaming community don’t possess the skills Cuphead requires doesn’t mean that the game itself is to blame. Rather, it simply means that Cuphead appeals to a specific audience, one that relishes in the idea of a challenging experience.

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