What 343i needs to fix in Halo 6: Looking at performance, core gameplay, and story delivery


The next installment in the Halo series (assumed to be Halo 6) poses a chance for 343 Industries to bring Halo back to its former glory. But what needs to change?

Starting with Bungie’s last Halo creation — Halo: Reach — Halo has gone down a steady path of popularity decline. With each new release after Halo 3, game sales have decreased, along with the overall player base. Halo 5 might be incredibly successful due to its business model, but Halo as a franchise has fallen from its pedestal as the creme de la creme of first-person shooters.

One question many ask is, what caused the decline in the first place?

One question many ask is, what caused the decline in the first place? For many, there are specific aspects of the more recent Halo titles that sully the experience — things like the addition of the ability to sprint, art style changes, and quality of story have all been points of grief for Halo community members, among others. Therefore, it is for this reason that I believe that Halo’s recent struggles can’t be tied down to any one thing. Rather, it is a combination of these things that, when applied to the games together, create an experience that feels and plays very different to Halo’s established formula.

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