What 343i needs to fix in Halo 6: Art, game features, user interface, and business model


The next installment in the Halo series (assumed to be Halo 6) poses a chance for 343 Industries to bring Halo back to its former glory. But what needs to change?

The latest main entry into the Halo franchise, Halo 5, is a game that has capitalized and expanded on many changes made to the Halo formula since Halo 3.

Some of us like these changes and some strongly hate them, but one thing that’s certain is that Halo isn’t the titan of the gaming industry it once was 10 years ago. And while you could argue that Halo is on the decline due to the series’ age and/or its increasing competition in the market, industry staples like Zelda, Call of Duty, and Mario all continue to drive considerable amounts of hype and interest irrespective of their age.

Halo 5 remains a popular entry in the series, over all, but with a bit of TLC, Halo 6 could take the franchise back to its glory days.

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