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Fable Fortune is just around for corner for Xbox One and PC – and we’re giving away one hundred keys to gain access before its debut later this month!

Fable Fortune, an upcoming digital collectible card game based on Microsoft’s flagship RPG series is set to release later this month on July 25. Developed by ex-Lionhead employees, the studio behind the Fable universe, the game takes heavy influence from earlier franchise entries. Although maintaining the common traits of today’s most popular digital card games, aspects of the series’ pre-established lore, morality system and comedy all filter into its gameplay.

Digital CCGs have gained a fair amount of traction in recent years, with titles such as Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Gwent all emerging from established RPG series. While the current state of the Fable IP is uncertain, this free-to-play offshoot promises gameplay appealing to both franchise veterans and CCG fans.

Preview: Fable Fortune revives a legendary legacy on Xbox and Windows 10

After years in the pipeline, Fable Fortune is now set to release for Xbox One and Windows 10 via Xbox Game Preview, and other PCs via Steam Early Access. Although the game’s official free-to-play launch is currently set for later this year, the public will soon be able to get hands-on via the “Founders Pack,” priced at $14.99.

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