Unlimited data for £18 per month – Three's SIM only deal continues to top the rest


As we enter December, the SIM only market is heating up. Candy canes are being sharpened and prices are dropping ready for the battle to the top to become the 'best SIM only deal'. But right now, there is one very clear winner.

Enter Three Mobile. While Three has always floated around the top, dropping market-leading offers here and there, it's latest is a truly storming offer. With the promise of unlimited data for just £18 a month – the lowest price we're yet to see for an unlimited cap – Three is seeming like the obvious choice to go for.

But of course, it wouldn't be much of a competition without any competitors. Of all of other SIM only deals out there, Smarty Mobile and its 100GB for £17 a month feels like Three's obvious foe thanks to its flexible contracts.

You can find Three's SIMO offer below and a second unlimited data deal from Three to give you some choice. Or head on over to our SIM only deals guide to see how Three compares to the rest.

Three's mega SIM only deal with unlimited data:

Or an alternate unlimited data SIM only deal:

Why should you choose Three Mobile?

If you haven't already been won over by this amazing offer from Three then you'll be excited to hear that the network doesn't shy away from offering up some extra incentives as well.

Whether that be free exclusive prizes or extra roaming. You can see all of best parts of a Three SIM only deal or Three mobile deals down below.

  • Wuntu – Exclusive offers and freebies with Three's rewards app
  • Go Roam – Roaming abilities in 71 worldwide countries at no extra cost
  • Travel Swagger – Get travel upgrades with Easyjet with bag drop and early boarding

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