This is one of the best value Samsung S20 deals we've seen and it is filled with data


When Samsung launched its brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 range, it gave those looking to save some money an option – lose 5G functionality and save an extra £100. But with a recent offer from Three, you don't need to make that choice.

Offering the 5G version of the phone at a price competing with the 4G editions, this deal is excellent. You're getting 100GB of data and only having to pay £45 a month and £29 upfront to get it.

And if you don't mind splashing the cash slightly more, the exact same offer on the larger and more powerful S20 Plus will cost you just £2 a month more. That pricing really is exceptional, beating out the market with ease.

You can see these Samsung Galaxy S20 deals and Samsung S20 Plus deals below. Make sure you follow these links as you will not find these offers directly on the Three website.

These Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals in full:

Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus:

What's so good about the Samsung S20 and S20 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S20: The cheapest of the three new devices but easily the one most people will go for. Like its two bigger brothers, the S20 comes with 5G compatibility and a 120Hz display meaning smooth transitions between different apps and activities. It has the smallest display at 6.2-inches but holds the same Quad-HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display. Internally, there's a triple camera set-up, offering a telephoto 64MP camera and a wide angle and Ultra Wide, plus a 4000mAh battery and 12GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Stepping up in cost, the S20 Plus is the middle choice, landing you the same camera set-up as above but with the addition of a depth vision lens allowing to create 3D feeling images. The battery is increased to a size of 4500mAh and the screen climbs to 6.7-inches.

Source: TechRadar

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