These superb 'Black Friday' iPhone XR deals are only around for this weekend


Just like Christmas, Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier every year. But retailer has taken that to the extreme this year…its splendid iPhone XR deals are coming to an end before we even get to the day itself!

That means you only have this weekend to bag an instant £75 cashback when you treat yourself (or a loved one) to its best iPhone XR deals on site.

The jewel in the beautifully decorated crown is actually a new tariff. It's giving 30GB of data and unlimited calls and texts on O2 for a mere £30 per month. There's an initial £140 upfront spend (when you use our 10OFF code), but the cashback you'll receive halves that and brings the overall effective two-year spend to well under £800. That's practically unheard of for Apple's 2018 flagship, especially where there's so much data on offer.

30GB of data will suit most users, but you can see a further offer below from where you can pay extra each month for an instant data boost (and end up with money in your pocket). We can tell you without reservation that these just became the best offers out there on this handset, but feel free to take a quick squizz at our dedicated guide to the best iPhone XR deals if you want to see the competition.


Get £75 cashback with these iPhone XR deals:

What's so good about the iPhone XR?

As one of the best iPhones currently on the market (even with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro out!) there is a lot to love with the iPhone XR. Above everything, the battery really stands out. Before the launch of the iPhone 11, this was the biggest Apple battery at 2942 mAh.

Sporting Apple's Liquid Retina display and a powerful A12 Bionic chip, going for this more budget flagship doesn't have to mean taking a hit on specs.

Read our full iPhone XR review's Black Friday price promise

Worried that might come out with a better price than it has now? Well, there's no need for concern as it has a price guarantee promising it will refund you the difference if it beats its own pricing during Black Friday. 

However, this price guarantee is only against and you will not be refunded if any other retailer tops the offer you went for. 

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