These are Gwent: The Witcher Card Game's starting leaders and their abilities


What cards do Gwent factions start with and what are their abilities?

Each Gwent faction starts with one leader, with two others available for unlocking. Let’s take a look at the starting leaders and their abilities, as well as the other leaders and what they can do!

Faction default abilities

Each faction has it’s own perk that is played by default throughout the match. This perk is an addition to the individual leader’s special ability.

  • Northern Realms: Any gold card on your side of the table automatically has two strength added to it.

  • Monsters: One of your cards is randomly selected at the end of each round to stay on the table.

  • Skellige: At the end of every round, add one strength to every unit in your deck and hand.

  • Scoia’tael: Choose who plays first at the start of each round.

Northern Realms

This deck relies on siege engines, promotion, and reinforcement to best enemies on the battlefield.

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