The Xbox One X is now on sale for $399 for Black Friday, its lowest price ever


As previously announced, Microsoft has lowered the price of the world’s most powerful console to just $399 for Black Friday week.

Making good on its previous X018 promise, Microsoft has made the Xbox One X $399 in the US for Black Friday, available now on both Amazon and the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox One X is a monstrous gaming console, powering visuals far beyond its Xbox One S counterpart, and often beyond more expensive PC gaming rigs. Even without a 4K set to compliment it, the Xbox One X will produce faster loading, better details, and better frame rate performance across the board in all games, when compared to the Xbox One S. This is owed to the change-resilient architecture Microsoft created for Xbox platform game development.

It even enhances many backward compatible Xbox 360 titles from yesteryear including Fallout 3 and Final Fantasy XIII, giving classic games a new lease on life.

Source: Windows

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