The Windows 10 Store for games shouldn't try and take on Steam, it should be something different


Microsoft’s strategy for the Windows 10 Store as far as gaming is concerned has left many of us scratching our heads for a while, but improvements are being made.

Recently, I looked at how Microsoft has been making steady changes to the way the Windows 10 Store on PC handles its “Games” section. Microsoft has removed the “Recommended” section, which usually ended up surfacing Windows 8-era mobile games alongside AAA PC titles. The “Best Rated” section has been moved to the bottom, owing, once again, to the way legacy ratings and mobile games have impacted the overall metrics. And Redmond has also created a new “New PC games” row, focusing specifically on games designed for mouse and keyboard first.

There are still improvements to make, but Microsoft is listening and iterating, and it’s clear that Redmond wants the Windows 10 Store to be seen as a viable store not just for serious PC game developers, but also serious PC gamers as well. The thing is, I’m not sure the Windows 10 Store can ever hope to compete with the goodwill, feature set, and the huge catalogue of games Valve has built up over the years for Steam. Competing head on isn’t going to do Microsoft any favors.

I think, instead, Microsoft should focus on offering something different.

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