The Surge for Xbox One review: A must-play action RPG


Deck 13’s new game The Surge surpasses the company’s popular The Lords of the Fallen title in quality, tone and gameplay.

The Surge is a hardcore action-RPG, set in a world that is on its last legs. The world is messed up from global warming and pollution. The population has boomed and everyone is always sick. Jobs are being automated, which in turn forces the humans to seek work elsewhere. The humans are wooed by the promise of a better and more prosperous life, fitting their bodies with exoskeletal rigs that can be upgraded so they can perform more efficiently as their bodies waste away.

The game goes a long way to inspire us to think about our own future. Our civilization feels like it’s at its own turning point right now, our populations are aging because we’re getting better at keeping people alive for longer, and we’re running out of ways to keep the world population fed. Flat-Earthers somehow still exist. The mysterious, yet world renown electronics company CREO Industries just went one step further. All the people who are sick, weak and have impairments can now have themselves upgraded, so they no longer live in pain and are capable of having a life again. They see the sickness, the suffering in the world, and they have a plan – Project Resolve.

Our “hero” Warren takes a job at CREO Industries, allowing them to install a exo-rig into his very bones in exchange for work and money. After a painful procedure, you find it isn’t the Utopia you signed up for. Waking up outside the CREO factory, the staff and company droids are no longer following protocol. They attack Warren on sight to retrieve the precious resources of his suit.

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