The Sexy Brutale ID@Xbox review: A devilishly delicious murder mystery game


Murder is afoot in The Sexy Brutale. Groundhog Day meets Clue, with a twist, in this whimsical and stylistic murder mystery.

Lafcadio Boone wakes up on the floor of a room in the halls of The Sexy Brutale, a British casino and mansion. The Marquis, the mysterious proprietor of the titular gambling den, holds an extravagant masquerade ball for select guests every year, his staff catering to the guests’ every whim. Only, this year, something is awfully wrong.

Peeping through the keyhole, Father Lafcadio is the witness to a shocking murder. It seems the guests are intended victims and the staff is feeling murderous. Relieving the murdered guest of his mysterious magic pocket watch, Lafcadio can roll back time and is able to prevent the murders from taking place and find out why it’s now customary to kill your paying clientele.

There are other guests at the casino, and their chips are down unless you do something. New guests become unlocked when you save their predecessors, so you don’t have to worry about trying to save them all at once. Or worry about saving them immediately. Or at all. The Sexy Brutale is not a game that plays by conventional rules. It has so many aces up its sleeve, you’ll wonder which magic act lost its coat at the intermission.

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