The resurrection of Tom Clancy's The Division proves that flawed games don't have to die


Tom Clancy’s The Division has been massively improved, and now stands as a competent title. If The Division can be fixed, any game can.

One of the most disappointing launches in recent history for gamers was the highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division. Across both console and computer, this Ubisoft title was an absolute trainwreck, and despite initial high sales, players quickly abandoned The Division after experiencing its poor state.

Determined to repair their game, the developers of The Division stuck with it and have been releasing incremental patches over the last two years. With the most recent 1.8 update, it finally feels like a solid experience. Players have been flocking back to The Division, reinvigorating the spirit of the once meager community and turning the game into one of the most popular games in the new year.

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