The Park for Xbox One review: Darkness of the soul


An insightful and often scary look at the toll of mental illness.

When a game starts off with the disclaimer of being based on a true story, or it warns of content that may be distressing to viewers, I know I tend to roll my eyes and not worry myself about it. For one thing, I am an (almost) 30-year-old woman, and for someone my age with a fair amount of life experience I like to think there isn’t much that will disturb me.

While The Park isn’t based on a true story, it does come with a distress warning which comes off as being mostly lighthearted. I was expecting something akin to the first person survival horror games Outlast, or Slender: The Arrival. What I got instead was something that actually shook me emotionally for days after I’d finished the game.

The Park is a short first person psychological horror experience, set in an after-hours amusement park hiding a dark secret. Rather than focusing on fighting and action, the game is played out through exploration and storyline.

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The Park

The Park is about a young mother, Lorraine, searching for her son, Callum, who ran back into the park once it closed.

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