The Division 2 is an iteration, not a revolution – and that's a good thing


The Division 2 heavily draws on previous entries in the series but also features strong foundations for the future.

Like many of Ubisoft’s top titles, Tom Clancy’s The Division overcame troubled beginnings and is now among the top online RPGs on modern systems. Building on its best features, regular updates delivered a pool of end-game content, positioning it among the greats of the Tom Clancy’s legacy. And now with the upcoming successor, Ubisoft looks to take what it learned and deliver a clean slate tailored to player demands.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is over half a year away, and we’re still gaining an understanding of what the title hopes to deliver. As with many sequels, the game will be familiar, leveraging recognizable core systems shrouded in new content. It creates hurdles, making it harder for The Division 2 to stand out, but the changes it brings provide only more reasons to immerse yourself in its world.

After spending some time with one of The Division 2’s early missions at Gamescom 2018, Ubisoft seems to have established a promising start, built on an already strong foundation.

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