The Darwin Project for Xbox One preview: A new way to battle royale


Early Access title The Darwin Project is a brand new spin on the battle royale genre that is as unique as it is intense.

Big name games like PUBG and Fortnite have ushered in a trend set around the battle royale genre, in which numerous players fight with one another until there’s only one man or woman left standing. 100 player servers, huge map sizes, and fast-paced action are the hallmarks of battle royale.

However, The Darwin Project, a title that recently released in Early Access, flips those components on their heads. Instead of 100 players, there are only 10. Harsh weather can spell doom if you aren’t prepared for it, and due to the small two kilometer map, playing cautiously is crucial, lest you’re caught out in the open. Along with some other interesting ideas, these are the core elements that make The Darwin Project a fresh take on the genre.

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