The Bradwell Conspiracy review: When puzzles go too far


The latest from Bossa Studios is a puzzle game with very few satisfying puzzles.

Up until this point, Bossa Studios has been known for one-note but delightfully absurd games that mask huge challenges behind cheery exteriors. “Surgeon Simulator” and “I am Bread” are two of the hardest games I’ve ever played, but have simple foundations. Perform surgery? Easy enough in a game. What about making a piece of bread move across a kitchen? A little less obvious, but manageable.

However, the developers love playing around with control schemes, which is where the true difficulty comes into play. In Surgeon Simulator, for example, you control every single finger, which makes surgery even more challenging.

That’s why I was surprised to pick up The Bradwell Conspiracy, the company’s latest game, which takes the puzzle-solving it’s known for and combines it with a single-player, linear narrative. You’re a mute protagonist that wakes up after an explosion at a museum and has to find their way out while uncovering the mysteries of the Bradwell family and its corporation. You’re equipped with a pair of AR glasses and an SMP, a device that’s essentially a portable 3D printer, and you need to use it all to solve puzzles, open new areas, and hopefully get out before the whole place crashes in on itself.

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