The best Xbox One 'couch co-op' games


I bet even you have done it in the last couple of years. Sighed at the seeming lack of local co-op games.

It used to be that multi-player games were played side-by-side with a friend, sharing a console and a couch. But in the age of online multi-player, the couch co-op is still thriving, even if under the radar. They usually support one to four players and come in so many genres that there is something for everyone.

We’ve been screamed at by 10-year-old kids on Call of Duty, we’ve been sent sarcastic messages on Xbox Live for “being a scrub” in Dark Souls, the scope for trash-talking has widened exponentially with Kinect automatically broadcasting that expletive that you just hurled at the opponent that just killed you as soon as you respawned.

But the physical presence of having someone compete against you is much more tangible and exciting. Plus, you know, you’re sharing a screen so it’s really hard to not cheat. I mean, it’s right there! And if you lose… you already know where they live…

Have a look at what we think are some of the best local multiplayer games.

Note: Some of these games are better played with local multiplayer or designed to be played with at least two players, and we’ve decided to skip games where there are multiplayer modes such as Halo, Gears of War and Call of Duty.

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