The best BT Sport deals, offers, and packages in November 2019


Have you been trying to find the best cheap BT Sport deal? Wondering about how much it'll cost you, whether you can get BT Sport on Sky or Virgin Media instead? Questioning if you can watch the Champions League on BT Sport?  Well we're here to answer all of your burning BT Sport questions.

On this page you can find all the information you need on the best offers direct from BT (for new and existing customers) and also how to get a BT Sport package if you already have Sky TV or Virgin Media. Since there are so many options available from each provider and this can get a bit confusing, we've simplified this for you – so below you have a nice and clear explanation of what each provider offers.

Like this, you can weigh up the best option for you without having to deal with the pushy up-selling you'd get in stores, shopping centre booths or on the phone. 

Alternatively, if it's Sky Sports that you're looking for, we've also extensively covered the latest Sky TV deals available.

What's on BT Sport?

The BT Sport Pack includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport ESPN. Across these channels you'll find every Champions League match live, so to answer your question yes, you most certainly can watch the Champions League on BT Sport. Say goodbye to asking the pub landlord to swap over to the match you actually want to watch and upsetting those Man United supporting Southerners. And don't forget there's a selection of Premier League matches every week.

Any cricket fans out there? BT Sport is also the one and only place to enjoy Ashes cricket next year, as BT nabbed the exclusive rights to broadcast it next summer. With BT Sport you can also enjoy all the boxing matches as they give you access to Boxnation and UFC matches from the comfort and safety of your own home. Not to mention that you can stream the Rugby Aviva Premiership, European Rugby Union, Moto GP and much more. Sound good? Then let's check out the latest BT Sport offers.

How to get BT Sport deals direct from BT

BT Sport deals are available as an add-on to a BT TV package and also as an extra to BT broadband. Let's have have a look at all the options and how much they'll cost you each month. If you're looking for the cheapest price, then your best bet is to get prices direct from BT rather than going through third parties like Sky and Virgin Media

BT Sport offers if you're not a BT customer yet

If you already get your TV or broadband from Sky or Virgin and your contract isn't up for a while, you can skip this section and scroll down to the heading 'How much is BT Sport on Sky?' or 'How to get BT Sport on Virgin Media.' 

I'm already an existing BT customer

If you already have BT broadband or a BT TV deal, we have good news for you! You can get BT Sport for less than anyone else on Sky or Virgin, maybe even for free. Take a look at the latest options for current BT customers below.

BT Sport broadband deal of the week

How much is BT Sport on Sky?

Rather than put up a wall between their customers, BT and Sky have reached an agreement allowing existing Sky customers access to BT Sport too. That means they'll have the most comprehensive sports coverage in the UK. Sky customers will have to set this up through BT though rather than Sky. 

The options are simple though and BT's website will walk you through the steps, We've included links below and we'll talk you through the various options and how much they cost too.

How to get BT Sport on Virgin Media

You don't have to go with BT broadband to get BT Sport. BT is keen to let its rivals pay them to let you in on the action too. New Virgin broadband customers can take advantage of Virgin's superfast fibre broadband and enjoy BT Sport.

There are a few Virgin broadband with BT Sport packages to choose from, sadly they don't include the cheapest Virgin deals. On the plus side you're getting the shiny HD versions of the BT Sports channels in all of them. There are three main deals to choose from, although as you're going through the transaction you might be offered a few extras or upgrades along the way.

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