Telltale should pay ex-employees severance before figuring out how to finish The Walking Dead


Despite never paying severance to laid-off employees, Telltale is trying to get someone to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

A little over a week ago, Telltale Games announced publicly that the majority of the studio was being shut down, with only a skeleton crew remaining in order to fulfill obligations to the company’s board. This was definitely saddening news, but the true tragedy came shortly after: every single developer who worked at Telltale was laid off with zero severance pay. Put simply, they were shown the door without any financial help at all.

Yet, despite this, Telltale posted another update three days later that revealed it was “actively looking for a solution” to finish its current game, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, due to offers from potential business partners. Here’s why figuring out how to finish the game should be the last thing on Telltale’s mind.

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