Surviving Mars preview: Sci-fi meets Sim City in this upcoming strategy game for PC and Xbox


Recently, we were lucky enough to catch up with Boian Spasov from Haemimont Games to talk Surviving Mars!

Surviving Mars is an upcoming sci-fi survival simulator set on the infamous red planet. You must gather your drones, harvest resources, and build colonies fit for human habitation. But beware, dust storms, meteor showers, and all other sorts of hazards await the citizens of the new Mars, and you need to manage every aspect of the colony to keep them happy, sane, and ultimately, alive.

I’ve been playing Surviving Mars for the past few days and am finding it to be utterly engrossing so far, as I battle my way towards a bigger, more stable colony. Our full review is coming soon for Xbox One and PC, but until then, get an idea of how the game works with these exclusive screenshots and a Q&A with Haemimont Games’ Boian Spasov, who is Surviving Mars’ lead designer.

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