Surviving Mars for Xbox One and PC could be the grand sci-fi city-builder you always wanted


Surviving Mars could be the Xbox and PC sci-fi city builder of your dreams.

I’m a huge fan of city management games, and for me, it doesn’t get better than Cities: Skylines. I was overjoyed to hear that Skylines’ publisher, Paradox Interactive, would be working with the developers of Tropico, Haemimont Games, to bring a similar title to market. Say hi to Surviving Mars.

As its name suggests, Surviving Mars is a city builder with a sci-fi survival edge. Your task is to land on the surface of Mars, colonize, and survive the harsh conditions thereon.

Similar games have attempted to tackle this sort of gameplay on Xbox One, including Planetbase and Aven Colony, but after being spoiled by Cities: Skylines, I found their feature sets to be lacking. After going hands-on with Surviving Mars at Gamescom 2017, I’m happy to report that likely won’t be the case with the Haemimont Games’ attempt.

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