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Mobile Games - Customer Support

We want you to have the best mobile games experience you can. Here, we aim to give you a one-stop-shop of support.


You can get an account and/or
Post a Support Request here



I haven't purchased a game yet and would like to try a free test download before I buy
I have purchased a game but do not know how to download it
I have purchased a game, tried to download it but have a problem

I haven't purchased a game and would like to test if I can before I buy

A good choice. We have set up a free text trial download of a freeware mobile invaders game.

In the UK?: Text INVADER to 07887926101
International?: Text INVADER to 447887926101

Within a minute or so you will be sent back a download link to your phone. Open the message and either click the link or 'use detail' in the options menu (depending on your phone) and attempt to download the game.

NB. If you are unsure how to download content to your phone, check your manual or do a google search for your phone model's wap/web instructions.

After installation you need to browser to your 'installations', 'applications' or 'games' folder on your phone and click the icon to load up the game and you should be able to fire at those pesky aliens!!

NB. This is only a simple freeware game so don't be put off by the quality. Paid-for games' quality is quite astounding in contrast.

Didn't work? Check out the General FAQ's.

I have purchased a game but do not know how to download it

If you have received the link then see our General FAQ's for more information on downloading the game.

If you have not received the link, here are the most common reasons.
The method of 'delivering' your game depends on the payment method you used:

By SMS (UK Only):

You should have received 2 messages; a thank you message (which charges your phone for the game), followed by a download link for the game.

  1. If you have not received the first thank you message then it means the order has been unsuccessful and not charged to your phone. Mainly this occurs when your operator has blocked you using SMS as a payment method. Try using one of the other payment methods or use the wap site.

  2. If you have received the first thank you message but not the game link itself this usually means you have an error in the game order code and our system cannot find the game you ordered. At this point you have been charged so post a support request giving the full game name and order code so we can send on the game.

By PayPal (UK & International):

You should have received 2 messages; a thank you e-mail with further instructions and a download link for the game to your phone.

NB. UNCLEARED PAYMENTS: Our most common query for Paypal orders is on uncleared payments. If you paid by e-check or bank transfer methods these payments can take up to 7 days to clear. To check this, log into your Paypal account and check the status of the payment is 'completed'. If it is not, your game will be sent automatically when the payment clears.

  1. If you cannot see the e-mail, check your junk or spam folders they'll normally be found in there!

  2. If you have not received the link to your phone, normally your mobile number has not been entered in the correct format. Either; find the email (there is a link on it to re-send the link to a correct mobile number) or enter the game link from the email directly into the WAP browser on your phone.

Via the WAP Site (UK & International):

If you purchased via the WAP site a link is not sent to your phone. Once payment has cleared you are re-directed to a page with the game download link on. This probably means you closed the browser before clicking the download link.

  1. Go back to the wap site ( using your WAP browser and you will see a link "my downloads" which is at the bottom of the page, your game will be there, any further games you buy will appear here as well. Just click "get" next to the game name when you get to that page.

I have purchased a game, tried to download it but have a problem

Almost all download problems come from not using the WAP browser on your phone.

Using the correct browser to download games on your phone

Our products can only be downloaded via the WAP browser on your phone (the original phone's browser. For example, Opera Mini will not work) as this a legal requirement of games developers and they do not allow the sending out of original games files.

On many Nokias a WAP browser is called a 'Services' browser for example. On some other phones it is called a 'mobile web' browser or 'wap' browser.

Check you are using the phone's WAP or original browser. If unsure, check the manual, ask your phone supplier or do a Google search for more information on your phone's WAP browser.

Common error messages you will see if you are not using the WAP browser;

• "This game is not compatible with your phone" (even though the site said it was!)
• "Looks like you are using a generic simulator"
• "Your phone has not been recognised"

If you have a different problem to this, check our General FAQ's or post a support request.

Use the WAP Site

Using our WAP site to purchase mobile games is easiest as it recognises your phone model when you arrive and gives you content which works on your phone.

Buying is easier too because in most countries you can make use of '1 click purchasing' which is simply deducted from your phone bill.

Finally, instead of relying on a text message to get your game link, the download link is simply presented on the final page after your payment is complete.

Point your phone's WAP browser to or text the word GAME to 447887926101 to get the link sent to your phone for free.

General FAQ's

Can I download a game to my computer, then transfer it to my phone via infrared, Bluetooth or PC/MAC USB cables?
No, we do not support the transfer of game files through USB cables, Bluetooth or any other method/device/software.

If I remove a game from my phone, can I re-download it without being charged again?
No, we do not yet offer this service. This ability may be offered by your operator.

How do I know if I have WAP activated on my phone?
If you are unsure if you have WAP activated on your phone, here is a way of checking:

  1. Find where to access WAP or GPRS on your phone first check your phone's manual. Otherwise, below are suggestions of where to look on your make of phone:
    • Nokia: check for a folder called "services" for your settings, homepage, bookmarks etc. 3650/7650/n-gage users select WAP from your menu.
    • Sony Ericsson: check you "connectivity" folder.
    • Samsungs: check your "funbox" and select "WAP browser".
    • Siemens: check your "surf & fun" folder and select "internet".
    • Motorola: check for "web sessions" folder.
    • Panasonic: check your "browser" folder.
    • Sharp: check your "settings" and then "internet".
  2. Look for "home" and click on that choice.
  3. If you have WAP activated on your phone this should initiate a WAP connection and connect you to a wapsite (most likely your network's). If this does not initiate a WAP connection then either you don't have the correct settings for you mobile, WAP or GPRS may not have been activated for your phone by your network or you phone doesn't support WAP.

My download did not work.
The easiest way to check is by looking through all the Folders on your phone; the game may have downloaded to a folder that you haven't checked, such as the "Downloads" folder, the "Applications" folder, or even the "Games" folder (folder options may vary from phone to phone). Make sure that there is enough room on your phone for another application.

I can download but the installation fails.
Some phones (e.g. Motorola T720), will download a game, try to install the game, and then fail because there isn't enough storage space. This problem is usually solved by deleting other Java applications on your phone and re-downloading.

My download doesn't reach 100% or I get a message saying 'Download Failed'
  • Please make sure that your WAP settings are correct.
  • Some operators' WAP systems are not yet configured to support Java game downloads. Please check with your operator.
  • If your phone memory is full you will need to clear some space by erasing an application. Once you have made some space, you can try downloading again.

I get a message saying "Memory Full".
If your phone memory is full you will need to clear some space by erasing an application. Once you have made some space, you can try downloading again.

The message 'Check IP Address' appears when I go to retrieve my download?
"Check IP Address" or "Check Homepage Address" means WAP and GPRS have not been activated. To have WAP and GPRS activated, please contact your service provider as they need to activate the service for you.

If GPRS has already been activated in your phone and you have a Nokia 3100, 3200, 3530, 5100, 6100, 6200, 6610, 6800, 7210, 7250 or 7250i go to "Services" on your phone menu and then select "Settings", the option "Connection Settings" appears on some phones, if it does, select it, on others it goes straight to "Active Service Settings." Underneath "Active Service Settings" your service provider's name should appear. If the settings aren't saved correctly, the word "Spare" or another service provider will be listed. Select the correct service provider in "Active Service Settings" and then go into the "Service Inbox" to download the file.

Why does my WAP connection fail before I download my Java game?
Clear the cache in your WAP browser before you try accessing the address again.
  1. Check your phone's free memory available. If you are able to see the description of the game on your phone, it should say how much memory it requires, and if your phone's free memory is less than this, you will need to delete some other games to make room. Check your phone's manual for details on this limitation and what sort of things you can safely delete.
  2. If you are still unable to download the game, it may be because your phone operator's WAP Gateway is not able to let you download it.

If a game is not available for my phone, can I purchase a game for a different phone and use it on mine?
Picking an alternate phone, even if the model numbers are very close, will not work. Each game is thoroughly tested to work on the phone for which it is listed. If a game is not available for your phone, check back regularly.


Post a support request

Every customer is automatically created a free customer account with their first purchase. This is designed to allow you to keep a record of transactions & download links, a place to collect your free loyalty credits (awarded with every purchase), a quicker method to browse games for your phone and full acccess to our customer support team. You should have been sent your username and password along with your first purchase.

If you do not know your username and password use the forgot feature. If the system cannot find you it will give you the opportunity to create a free account which you should do and then proceed to the support area and post a support request. (If it says it has sent your details but you do not receive them first check any spam/filters on your email account and if you still do not get them you can create an account here).

Once you have your username & password, either:

    1. Login via the web site (above) and your WAP link will be shown in your transaction history. Type this into the WAP browser on your phone only. It can only be download via the WAP browser on your phone. Be careful as all WAP links are CaSe sensitive so ensure you enter it exactly as shown and do not confuse O's and Zero's.

    2. Or, You can download direct from the wap site. Go to our WAP site and login, use your username and password from your account. Once logged in you will be directed to the Pickup Depot which will have direct download links to your purchase as well as a link to review the product.

Customers are reminded that you must agree to our terms of download before ordering. This means checking you are buying a game that is listed as compatible for your phone model (shown on every game page) and that your phone has a WAP connection, can download any WAP content and is not restricted to your network only. For more read "what must I check before I order" >>

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