Super Samsung Galaxy S10e double data deal: free upfront, 30GB data, only £30/pm


When Samsung Galaxy S10e deals were first released back in March, we expected them to fly off the shelves. A more affordable version of the tech giant's 2019 flagship – what wasn't to like? But in the first few weeks, there was much more interest in the pricier brothers and the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus got far more attention from smartphone shoppers.

But now Galaxy S10e deals have started to swell in popularity as the savvy savers who want all of Samsung's smarts without the stupid spend. Sensible.

And no better example of that is with Mobiles Phones Direct's latest S10e deal. Rather than messing around with tiny data points or showing off with lower bills only to whack a great big upfront spend on you, the retailer is offering a very tempting tariff.

So for a flat £30 per month, you'll be sent a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S10e with a mighty 30GB of data a month on Vodafone, unlimited texts and minutes and absolutely nothing at all to pay at the start.

That's really fantastic value – take a look at the Samsung S10e price comparison at the bottom of this page to see just how good. Or keep reading to learn more about this ace S10e deal.

More on this super Samsung Galaxy S10e deal

Like what you're reading but are wondering whether 30GB will quite be enough (wow, you must be addicted to Netflix!)? We've also been enjoying Three's Samsung S10e deal of late. The network is offering an almost unfeasible 100GB of data per month, at the cost of £31 per month and a reasonable £49 upfront – click the link to see more.

Why buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e?

A new model for 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10e represents a bit of a departure from the norm for Samsung phone deals and models. OK, so it's not quite as powerful as the S10 or S10 Plus, but it still boasts a vivid 5.8-inch screen, two main camera sensors, and a big, beefy battery life.

So if you don't want to spend the Earth on your smartphone, the S10e sets the bar to a new high for affordable phones.

You can read more with our Samsung Galaxy S10e review.

Source: TechRadar

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