Sunless Skies PC review: Explore the cosmos in a train in this wacky, wonder-filled RPG


Sunless Skies is a wild, mysterious RPG that blends together a plethora of traits from multiple genres. The result is something unique, engaging, and incredibly fun.

Imagine this: on the cusp of the 20th century, the British Empire takes to the cosmos. Using unique flying locomotives, its people set out to explore the galaxy and carve out a new frontier for the future. Pirates, hostile life forms, and a handful of different factions inhabit this universe — but most important of all are the Judgements, special god-like beings that take the form of stars. Something is wiping them out, though, and you, as a captain of your own crew and space train, have the choice of investigating their deaths, using their downfall as an opportunity to expand British control, or simply ignoring it all and paving the way for your own future.

That, in summary, is the experience that Sunless Skies offers. And while it may seem convoluted and insane, the reality is that Sunless Skies offers one of the most engaging and expansive role-playing game (RPG) experiences in all of gaming.

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