Streamers rejoice: Elgato reveals a crazy convenient green screen and a new pro cam link


Elgato is a champion in the game streaming and capture world, producing some of the most (if not, the most) convenient video capture devices on the planet.

Pretty much everyone at Windows Central uses an Elgato capture device to produce our YouTube content, but we also use them for streaming to our channel, as do thousands and thousands of others.

Elgato’s capture cards are all about convenience, so it should come as no surprise then that the company has now produced what looks set to be the world’s most convenience green screen, perfect for eliminating the background when you’re streaming or shooting demonstration YouTube clips.

Additionally, Elgato revealed a new USB cam link attachment, which lets you use any high-powered HDMI-compatible camera as a webcam source for programs like OBS and XSplit. Say goodbye to grainy webcams, Elgato wants your streams to look truly pristine.

Source: Windows

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