Stitch your way to victory with Patchwork: The Game for Windows PC and Phone


Patchwork: The Game hit Windows Store shelves just a little while ago and offers an exciting gaming format that combines elements of a board game with a puzzle game. In the simplest of terms, you have to patch together a series of fabric tiles to create a colorful quilt. With each piece of fabric put into play, players will move around the corresponding game board.

Patchwork is not a difficult game to pick up and play, but it may take a few games before you can nail down the gaming strategy. Graphics are colorful and have a minor children’s book feel, which is not a bad thing. Gameplay does have its fair share of challenges and with three gaming modes, Patchwork has a bit of longevity.

The only downside to the Windows game is that it lacks a trial version. While that may turn some away, if you like multiplayer puzzle games, we see the price of admission well worth the cost. It didn’t take long to realize that Patchwork: The Game is an entertaining title to pass the time with.

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