Steam vs. GOG Galaxy: Which is service better for PC gamers?


CD Projekt is rolling out big updates for its GOG Galaxy client, so we decided to take a look at what sets its platform apart from Steam and why gamers might want to choose one over the other.

Steam has dominated the PC game market for many years, but with Valve sitting back and enjoying the rewards that come with the most popular platform, there’s strong competition brewing on the outer rim. Cue CD Projekt, the company behind not only the massively successful The Witcher series of games but also GOG Galaxy, a game-service competitor to Steam that lets you purchase and enjoy a wide catalog of titles.

GOG Galaxy was released in beta in July 2015, and Steam has been around since 2003, so Valve has had a head start of around 14 years. That said, Steam hasn’t really changed much over the years aside from the introduction of a few new features like Greenlight (which is now being scrapped). Because of the sheer number of years it has been around, the Steam catalog of games is vastly larger than that on GOG.

Here’s how both services stack up, and the comparison should help when it comes to deciding which platform to support.

At a glance

The two platforms aren’t vastly different when it comes to features. There are only a few areas where either storefront comes out on top, but overall it’s a fairly even playing field, excluding the massive game deficit of GOG.

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