Stealth or strength? It's your call in Lego Ninjago: Skybound


Lego Ninjago: Skybound is a fun, wonderfully animated platformer game for Windows 10 based on the Ninjago Lego series. You play the role of the hero ninja who must sneak or battle his way through a gang of pirates who have overtaken Ninjago Islands. Ultimately you face the evil Djinn Nadakhan who is using Ninjago Island’s parts to rebuild his kingdom.

Graphics are colorful and represent the Lego series of games well. Lego Ninjago has a nice difficulty level with plenty of pirate minions to sneak past or battle. Game controls could be better, but after a few rounds of gameplay, they become a little more fluid.

Lego Ninjago: Skybound is a free game, available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and overall, a fun time waster to spend a little down time with.

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