State of Decay 2 shows off the size and variety of its digital cast


State of Decay 2 is on the way, and new information is starting to emerge ahead of its full E3 reveal.

State of Decay, for lack of a better phrase, was a zombie apocalypse simulator for Xbox 360 and Steam, achieving impressive sales success and widespread acclaim.

Featuring base building systems, perma-death, and dynamically evolving populations, players were put to task managing resources and navigating zombie hordes. Some relatively awkward third-person combat, poor engine performance, and limited content held State of Decay back, but as we learned in our recent interview, Undead Labs aims to improve every single aspect of the original.

Announced today on the game’s website, Undead Labs’ community manager Josh Stein revealed how the studio is creating the State of Decay 2’s inhabitants.

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