Spellspire, a Windows 10 Mobile mashup of word games and role-playing adventures


Spellspire is a Windows 10 Mobile game that combines the challenge of a word game with the intricacies of a role-playing game. The game is from the creative group over at 10Tons, Ltd. who are responsible for gaming titles such as Sparkle, Crimsonland and Baseball Riot.

Spellspire has you playing the role of a young wizard trying to work his way to the top of a castle tower. In his way is a legion of monsters who can only be defeated by creating words from a collection of random letters. Gold is earned as you defeat the enemy that can be used to buy or upgrade wands, robes and hats with magical abilities.

The free gaming title is an entertaining twist on the traditional word game. The RPG elements in Spellspire are not overwhelming and allows the game to maintain a casual feel, perfect for those times you need a little help passing the time. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Spellspire is also available for Windows Phone 8.1 phones, which includes low-memory devices.

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