Sony Xperia 5 deals have landed with free headphones – see where to pre-order


For those who love a good Netflix binge on the train or a YouTube viewing session in bed, we have some good news for you. Sony Xperia 5 deals are now officially available to pre-order.

Obviously with Sony being one of the smaller phone brands around right now, you might not be quite as clued into this phone as you would be with say, the iPhone 11 so let us explain what you're getting.

The first thing you notice with the Sony Xperia 5 is its elongated screen, stretching to a 21:9 ratio. Sony claims that is the ideal length for watching content on your phone and is the size many films are made to fit.

Beyond the unique screen ratio, there's a 3140mAh battery inside, a triple camera lens set-up offering up wide angle lenses and a 2x optical zoom. Not to mention a processor with a surprising amount of power.

And, to top it all of, when you pre-order this device the majority of retailers will throw in a free pair of Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds worth £220, our sister publication What Hi-Fi reviewed them scoring them a solid 5 stars. With a SIM-free price of £699.99, this falls in at a similar price to most mid-range phones.

We've listed a collection of different retailers selling this phone below, both SIM-free and on contract so you can find the ideal Sony Xperia 5 deal for you.

Where to buy Sony Xperia 5 deals:

If you want to pre-order the Sony Xperia 5, there is a number of possible retailers to go for. We've listed all of your options both on contract and on SIM-free below so you can find your best deal.

Buying the Sony Xperia 5:

Carphone Warehouse

Should I buy a Sony Xperia 5 deal?

The Sony Xperia 5 might be a new phone but it holds a lot of similarities to Sony's older devices. You're getting a 21:9 screen ratio, making it ideal for viewing content and playing games. Past that, the 3140mAh battery, powerful processor and IP68 rating insure a premium device both inside and out.

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