Some Walmart stores have pulled 'violent' games from shelves (update)


We absolutely live in the dumbest timeline, there can be no doubt now.

What you need to know

  • Multiple acts of gun violence have broken out recently, including an El Paso Walmart.
  • Several public officials in the U.S. have started blaming violent video games.
  • A couple of Walmart locations are now hiding the massive catalog of violent games it sells.
  • Walmart has issued conflicting statements on its position, including a denial this ban is taking place.

Update: Walmart has issued a separate statement claiming no games will be pulled from shelves. We’ve updated the story to reflect this.

Following multiple acts of unspeakable gun violence over the last week, there has been a serious effort to shift the conversation away from the actual causes and on to the old topic of violent video games. Even though we’ve had this conversation over and over again, with what feels like countless efforts proving this has nothing to do with video games, several Walmart stores felt it was appropriate to lean into this entirely flawed logic.

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