Show your love for Destiny 2 by eating Pop-Tarts and drinking Rockstar Energy


Like Destiny 2? Like Pop Tarts? Like Rockstar energy drinks? Boy, have we got an amazing deal for you.

Destiny 2‘s console release is now less than one month away, and its publisher Activision is already ramping up marketing. Now, if you’ve lost all hope in humanity if you really want to get ahead of the game this fall, Activision has paired up with Pop-Tarts and Rockstar energy drinks to deliver exclusive rewards to Destiny 2 gamers. Yes, really.

For those looking to snack on toasted treats, each box of Destiny 2-labeled Pop-Tarts is paired with a redeemable “XP boost” code. Redeemable via the Kellogg’s rewards page, these codes will increase your speed of progression once the game launches, although the specifics are yet to be disclosed. Each box of Pop-Tarts will also sport “custom-designed, collectible” packaging based on Destiny 2’s subclasses (if you’re the kind of guy who collects Pop-Tarts boxes, I guess).

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