Should you buy SoulCalibur VI for Xbox One?


Best answer: All in all, I would recommend SoulCalibur to any arcade-fighting game fans. While the graphics seem a little sub-par for a game releasing in 2018, the story is captivating, and the upgrades to the combat system are definitely noticeable. Any new or veteran SoulCalibur fan will be more than ecstatic to add this to their collection, and for only $60.

Amazon: SoulCalibur VI: Standard Edition ($60)

SoulCalibur VI is reviving the love of a game you’ve probably known for your whole life. The story of the Soul series is so rich and enticing it’s hard not to find yourself becoming invested in the fate of the fighters.

Here you get to take on the challenge defeating the Soul Edge. This is a blade forged in evil that threatens to corrupt even the mightiest of fighters. Can you prove your strength, find the SoulCalibur, and defeat this evil once and for all?

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