Should you buy Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab controller stand or a third-party stand?


Best answer: The official Xbox Design Lab controller stand by Controller Gear is incredible, but also pricey. Unless you need rechargeable batteries, which the Design Lab controller comes with, or you want to be able to charge your controllers, you should get the cheaper stand. You should also avoid third-party options entirely.

Why get a controller stand?

Controller stands are useful, mainly because they act as a shield between your Xbox One controller and whatever surface you would normally put it on. Accidentally scratching or scuffing your controller or your furniture surface because of unlucky friction between the two is a real bummer, and damage is never a good thing when it comes to looks. Speaking of looks, a nice controller stand also looks great with your Xbox One controller, so if you like the idea of displaying your gear fashionably, it’s a great investment to make.

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