Sekiro guide: Vitality and Posture


Enemies in Sekiro have two bars above their head. The reddish one at the top is represents Vitality. The yellow one at the bottom represents Posture. In this guide, we’ll show you what they mean and how to exploit them.

Vitality and Posture are interrelated status. The current status of one has an effect on the other.


Vitality is health. When that meter drains to empty, your enemy is dead.

The lower Vitality is, the slower Posture recovers.


Posture is a little more complicated. Its meter builds up, not down. It also means and does two things:

  • Governs the ability to block. That’s why it’s called Posture. You can hold your (blocking) posture as long as your meter doesn’t fill up.
  • When your enemy’s posture meter…

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Source: Polygon

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