Sea of Thieves to get 3 player ships, rowboats, AI skeleton crews


Microsoft has outlined its next two Sea of Thieves updates, adding a variety of new gameplay features.

Following Sea of Thieves launch back in March, the game’s developer has been hard at work on future updates. With launch issues subsided and “The Hungering Deep” expansion now available, Microsoft is discussing what’s next for the pirate-themed adventure game.

Speaking on the “Inside Xbox” live show as a part of E3 2018, design director, Mike Chapman, has shared more details on the newly announced expansions. “Cursed Sails” and “Forsaken Shores” are set to launch this summer, debuting various new content for its world.

One of the biggest features of the “Cursed Sails” update is skeleton crews – new AI-controlled galleons packed with hostile foes. These will sail the seas among other players, adding a new element of combat to consider. Cursed cannonballs are also arriving, which are found throughout the world and bestow status effects on ships. Taking damage from these cannonballs can introduce modifiers, such as increased weight or disruptions to player voice chat.

Source: Windows

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