Sea of Thieves mega preview: Stabbing sharks, finding gold, and the future of the game


At E3 2017, we went hands-on with Sea of Thieves’ latest build, and we talked extensively with the game’s developer, Rare, about its creation and long-term future.

Sea of Thieves is a connected pirate adventure game from Rare, a studio known for some of the world’s most legendary and beloved franchises.

Rare takes a unique approach to game development, specifically so with Sea of Thieves, which they are building in collaboration with a community of beta testers. You can sign up to be a Sea of Thieves Insider right here, by the way.

Sea of Thieves is one of Microsoft’s flagship future titles for the Xbox One platform, allowing crews of up to four players to command a pirate ship and sail the seven seas on a light-hearted (and often intense) series of adventures.

I spent several hours playing Sea of Thieves at this point. I also had the opportunity to speak to Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare, and Mike Chapman, its design director, to discuss Sea of Thieves, Rare’s design process, pay to win, progression, and everything you can expect to see in the coming weeks and months.

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