Sea of Thieves Hunter's Call: Complete guide to cooking fish and food


All Sea of Thieves prices, consuming benefits, and how to find all the options of fruit, meat, and fish.

The newest update of Sea of Thieves, The Hunter’s Call, brought with it the ability to fish, cook, and hunt! With all of these new options, there is a whole slew of information to learn about. Which fish sell for the highest? What happens if you eat raw fish? What happens if you eat a cooked one? What does each of the fruit and meat options do for your character? Settle down, matey! I’ve got all the answers for you here!

Ahoy, Matey!

Sea of Thieves

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It’s a pirates life for us all.

This is an open-world MMO you can take on by yourself as a lone pirate or gather up a crew of mates to take on the seas. Sail your ship across the oceans, fire your cannons at both NPCs and other players alike, and accumulate the best booty of them all.

From what they are, what they look like, how to find them, and how much they sell for— here’s your complete guide to cooking, eating, and selling food in Sea of Thieves!

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