Sea of Solitude PC review: Exploring the depths of a mind drowned in sorrow


Sea of Solitude metaphorically visualizes the murky waters of personal mental health issues — and learning how to tread them.

One of my favorite moments from E3 2018 was watching Jo-Mei Games CEO Cornelia Geppert debut Sea of Solitude’s first ever trailer. On stage, she was laughing, smiling, and tearing up all at once, and it was clear to everyone watching that there was an immense amount of heart, soul, and love being poured into the game. Ever since that day, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Sea of Solitude’s release.

Now it’s here, and it absolutely lived up to my excitement and my expectations. The gameplay, while not superb, is enjoyable — but the best of Sea of Solitude lies within its gorgeous presentation and in its thoughtful narrative about healing in the aftermath of trauma.

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